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Quotes from Ron Charles, author of the Bermuda Guide: "The Pompano Beach Club, Bermuda's best full service casual resort hotel, is among my favorite island getaways in the world and has become my favorite place to stay in Bermuda."

"Pompano is the perfect place to relax and enjoy what may very well be Bermuda's best value in both accommodations and cuisine."

"Owner/Managers Larry and Tom Lamb have somehow managed to hire the nicest and friendliest staff imaginable, and have encouraged them to treat visitors with a special blend of true Bermudian charm, hospitality, and personalized service that can be found nowhere else."

"The Cedar Room has become one of the island's best places to dine and is filled to the brim with the kind of welcoming, warm, and subtle ambiance that I rarely, if ever, see in Bermuda's more famous gourmet establishments - embellished by picture windows with beautiful sunset views over the sea, exposed beams of Bermuda cedar, and beautifully set tables. This superb seaside restaurant is a large part of the magic over at the Pompano Beach Club."

"We’re excited to announce that, as one of the top hotels in Bermuda, you’ve also been selected as the winner of our “Expert’s Choice” award!"
- Trip Experts, August 2015
Best of Bermuda AwardExpert's Choice Award

"The Bermuda island scenery is so picturesque. An idyllic, tropical feel with pastel (CORAL!) colored buildings, white roof tops, plenty of palm trees all surrounded by turquoise water. Simply, what more could you ask for?"
- The Bowen family, 2017
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"Pompano Beach Club is an intimate family-run hotel located just a 9 iron shot from your breakfast table to the 8th green at Port Royal. The Lamb family has run this luxury resort since 1956 and brothers Tom and Larry Lamb, the sons of the original owner, display a passion and enthusiasm for the property that is positively infectious.  Each new arrival is welcomed by being given a tour of the property and the level of personal attention extended to guests throughout their stay is exceptional.  Benefiting from a dramatic oceanfront setting, Pompano Beach Club has its own private beach with access to stunning coral gardens and a shallow sandbar which is the only one of its kind on the Bermuda coast."
- Arnold Palmer's Kingdom Magazine

“Eat at the Ocean Grill at the Pompano Beach Club, for dramatic sunsets in a cliffside windowed dining room”.
- Cookie Magazine

"The meals at Pompano are uniformly superb, beginning with a breakfast that's as light or as heavy as you wish. Lunch is served around the large swimming pool or on the nearby veranda. Dinner in the elegant yet casual Cedar Room is always a treat, particularly when fresh local seafood is on the menu, which changes every day. A nice wine list offers selections to complement any meal. Pompano Beach Club is a wonderful base of operations for your visit to Bermuda. It is also self-sustaining enough for you to stay there for your entire visit. It is the ideal venue for romantic getaways, for historic sightseeing and super shopping, or for a fishing adventure. You will find that everyone associated with Pompano is eager to assist you, and they go out of their way to cater to your wants and needs."
- King Montgomery, The Virginia Sportsman Magazine

"I cannot recommend Pompano highly enough; you should really consider getting a group of friends together and going away for a weekend in Bermuda … the setting is beyond breathtaking and what with the delightfully efficient, friendly service I think that you will be happy that you did so."
- Sharleen Wilson Carr, The Mid-Ocean News

"For a taste of Bermuda that carries a little extra personal attention, and is convenient for golf, the Pompano Beach Club is just what you are looking for. This family-owned resort hotel features elegant cottage-like facilities with magnificent ocean views."
- Golf Digest Magazine

"After two rum swizzles and dinner at the Pompano Beach Club, I watched the shimmering colors of the water off Pompano Beach, a spectacular site for a hotel, with breathtaking sunset views over an ocean so clear you could see the bonefish swimming on the flats near the shore."
- Carl Vigeland, Continental Airlines in-flight magazine

"The casual 56-room Pompano Beach Club is a cross between a bed and breakfast and a full-scale resort. The friendly American owners are onsite and quickly learn your name. Repeat visitors are common."
- Pam George, Prime Life Magazine

"At the Pompano Beach Club, rooms with private terraces overlook an endless expanse of blue water, and some of the best sunsets around."
- Bride's Magazine

"The fun, friendly Pompano Beach Club is great for children."
- Travel & Leisure Magazine

"Pompano's food is grand, the service is prompt and impressive, and the view down the cliffs to the ocean is intoxicating."
- Golf Illustrated Magazine

"From the resort's dining room you overlook a sheer drop to the Atlantic, as if riding a cruise ship through all blue ocean and sky. It's stunning, breathtaking, spectacular - all the clichés apply, none do the view justice."
- Bon Appetit Magazine

"There are a million places to stay in Bermuda, many of them very good and ready to cater to a honeymooner's whims. One of the very best of these is the Pompano Beach Club, situated high above the Atlantic on Bermuda's famed south shore. Here you'll find spacious guest rooms with endless oceanviews, terrific dining at the Cedar Room Restaurant and Coral Reef Cafe (be sure to try the Bermuda chowder), rum swizzles in the Sunset Lounge and water sports of all kinds. Perhaps most notable at Pompano Beach Club is the close attention the staff pays to its guests; the hotel is ranked No. 1 among all island establishments by contributors to the reliable tripadvisor.com Web site."
- The Connecticut Bride Magazine

"This is a laid-back beachside hotel with a personalized service touch and stunning views of the ocean. The dining is magnificent and the service is nothing short of wonderful."
- Traditions Golf & Lifestyle Magazine

"A hillside oasis of quiet beauty overlooking a matchless seascape."
- Racquet Magazine

"A breathtaking Jacuzzi built for two, perfect for sunset rum swizzles."
- Bride's Magazine

"Cliffside setting and breathtaking sea views are unbeatable; proximity to Port Royal golf course makes the place a natural for golfers."
- World Tennis Magazine

"Pompano Beach Club embodies the island's colorful cliché of blue water, pink buildings and white roofs."
- Caribbean Travel & Life Magazine

"This 54-room oceanfront hotel is one of the best honeymoon spots around and Port Royal Golf Course is only 500 yards away."
- T & L Golf Magazine

"Whether you're dining in the Cedar Room or sipping a cocktail in the lounge while the sun sets over the water, the mood is set for romance. The sea is so close, it's almost like being on a cruise ship. After dinner, there is music for listening and dancing, or you can head out for a moon-lit stroll."
- Travel Writer, Katherine Dyson, author of the book The 100 Best Honeymoon Resorts of the World

"Perhaps the best thing about Pompano Beach Club are the Lambs themselves and the staff at the hotel, who personally make sure that you are well taken care of while you're staying at Pompano. Your every need will be met while you're there. That's how this cottage colony keeps its strong international rating and reputation, and that's why so many Pompano guests return again and again."
- Traditions Golf & Lifestyle Magazine

"The Pompano Beach Club in Southampton, on Bermuda's southwest coast, is a comfortably casual property in a beautiful setting with a cliff-side pool and private beach. It was started in the 1950's by a gentleman from Waban, Mass. Throw in two, 24 hour hot tubs, boat rentals, golf and tennis, and there was really no reason to venture too far away."
- Arthur Pollock, Boston Herald newspaper

"Ideally located overlooking Bermuda's southwest coast, this hotel boasts a relaxed atmosphere and dramatic views of the ocean. The Pompano Beach Club has been family-owned and operated since 1956 when it first opened as a small fishing lodge. Today, the four-star resort provides a wealth of recreational activities. Golfers can tee off on the adjacent Port Royal Golf Course designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr. or three other courses within close proximity. For a picturesque retreat, check out the resort's own private beach, where you can enjoy sunbathing or snorkeling among the stunning coral reefs."
- Vacations Magazine

"The Pompano Beach Club is a more casual family-run spot that has spectacular sunsets and sits right below the 8th green of the Port Royal Golf Course. The Boston-born Lamb brothers provide a personal touch and daily activities."
- Travel & Leisure Golf Magazine