Pompano's waterfront is one of the best places in Bermuda for shallow water snorkeling!

At low tide, you can wade out nearly 400 yards on the resort's shallow sandbar, in knee to shoulder height water (depending on your height) to access and explore the spectacular coral reefs which line the edge of the sandbar. Boat traffic stays away from the reefs due to their incredible shallowness, making it a safe and fun way for snorkelers to experience life under the sea.

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During the spring, summer and fall months, one of the resort's two swim platforms is anchored near the coral reefs, on the sandbar - providing a handy resting spot for snorkelers, swimmers and boaters to relax and take in the breathtaking coastline views.

The resort rents snorkeling gear to its guests on a year-round basis, at a very reasonable price, making it easy and affordable for guests to take advantage of the tremendous snorkeling opportunities available to them.

The colorful coral reefs which line the edge of the resort's sandbar are home to many different varieties of corals and sea life, with the majority of the fish being small in size.

Guests who prefer not to swim or wade out to the coral reefs can still be equally as adventuresome closer to shore by snorkeling from the resort's beach, up and down the coast, in two to three feet of water. A wide variety of tropical reef fish live along the shallow shoals, including many large, docile parrot fish - which are commonly seen swimming along the coastline.

Those who have never snorkeled before will find the resort's beach area a great place to learn. The shallow water is a huge comfort to novice snorkelers because they can stand and snorkel at their own pace without the fear of being over their head in the water. Many snorkelers rent kayaks and other watercraft from the resort's watersport's center (which is open from early/mid May to mid/late October) to help them venture out onto the sandbar - especially during high tide time periods. They then tie their watercraft items to the swim platform while they snorkel the nearby coral reefs.

Guests of all ages and swimming abilities enjoy the fabulous snorkeling available to them on the resort's picturesque shallow waterfront. Bermuda's coral reefs are definitely worth exploring - you'll be glad you did!