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Dessert Selections


Panko Tuna
Yellowfin tuna fillet golden fried rare in a Japanese bread crumb and wasabi crust - served with ginger pickled red onions and a ponzu sweet soy drizzle. $13

Seafood Crepe
Poached seafood simmered in a lemon dill and flamed brandy lobster bisque - wrapped in a savory crepe and topped with frizzled leeks. $13

Lobster Tempura Roll
Lettuce wrapped spicy lobster, pumpkin and chorizo sausage in a tempura batter - served over mango fennel slaw and finished with a citrus Creole tartar sauce. $14

Smoked Pork Ribs
Whiskey smoked ribs, brushed with a chili maple syrup glaze and served over a salad of shaved red apples, roasted peanuts and drunken raisins - tossed in mascarpone and topped with pancetta chips. $11

Tropical Fruit & Brie
A selection of chilled tropical fruits served over endive leaves - topped with almond fried brie cheese, wild berry compote and a brown sugar cinnamon crisp. $11

Chicken & Mushroom Vol au Vent
Poached chicken breast and sautéed wild mushrooms simmered in a white wine terragon cream sauce - served in a golden baked puff pastry. $12

Beet Carpaccio
Thin slices of shaved Bermuda beets topped with baby arugula, mandarin orange segments, crumbled goat cheese and sliced baby radish - finished with an aged balsamic vinegar and toasted brioche points. $12

Fried Calamari
Buttermilk breaded calamari, deep fried and served over a spinach & radicchio salad, with a grilled lemon and smoked tomatillo barbecue sauce. $11


Bermuda Fish Chowder
Blend of fresh local fish, vegetables and spices - served with Bermuda Black Rum and sherry peppers. $ 9

French Onion
Hearty beef broth filled with sautéed caramelized Bermuda onions - topped with a parmesan crouton. $8

Chilled Gazpacho
A chunky tomato-based vegetable soup - served cold and topped with a crème fraiche. $8


Dinner and Desert Menus


Caesar Salad
Crisp romaine lettuce tossed in a zesty roasted garlic Caesar dressing - served with a prosciutto crisp, shaved parmesan and an anchovy twist. $12

Spinach Salad
Crisp baby spinach leaves tossed in a toasted sesame poppy seed vinaigrette dressing with toasted almonds, shaved red onions, strawberries and feta cheese. $12

House Greens
Young greens topped with sliced apples, shaved radish, toasted corn bread croutons and chopped bacon - drizzled with an apple cider vinaigrette. $10


Pan-fried local rockfish fillet with an Alaskan crab & scallion crust - served over jasmine rice, sautéed spinach and a ginger papaya butter sauce. $32

Rack of Lamb

Rosemary and mustard crusted rack of lamb served over roast provencal vegetables and a caramelized shallot tartan - finished with black cherry port wine jus. $38

Tiger Shrimp
Char-grilled prosciutto wrapped tiger shrimp served with a roasted cherry tomato and lobster risotto - drizzled with a citrus infused parsley oil. $32

Sea Scallops
Seared lemon and fennel marinated sea scallops served over a roasted cherry tomato and lobster risotto - drizzled with an aged balsamic red beet reduction. $32

Mahi Mahi Scaloppini
Golden fried pumpkin & pistachio crusted Mahi Mahi fish fillet served over jasmine rice, chili fried okra and corn relish - drizzled with a chipotle ginger aioli. $30

Atlantic Salmon
Char-grilled Atlantic salmon fillet served over lemongrass infused rice and poached butter glazed asparagus - topped with a sweet and sour pepper sauce. $32

Chicken Picatta
Flash-fried chicken breast, butter flied and served over angel hair pasta with buttered asparagus - finished with a white wine shallot, caper and parsley butter sauce. $28

Ocean Grill

ENTREES (continued)

Cheese Ravioli
Homemade ricotta filled ravioli tossed in a tomato pesto mascarpone cream sauce with sautéed button mushrooms, scallions and broccoli - topped with shredded parmesan. $22

Pork Tenderloin
Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin stuffed with grilled halloumi cheese, sage and walnuts; served with braised celery and hand-cut baked potatoes - finished with an apricot brandy morel cream. $34

T-Bone Steak
16 ounce Certified Angus T-Bone steak, crushed pepper grilled and served with garlic mashed potatoes, grilled Portobello mushroom and slow roasted tomato - topped with a Gorgonzola thyme butter. $40

New York Strip Steak
Char-grilled olive oil and Worcestershire marinated 10 oz Certified Angus strip loin steak served with hand cut baked potatoes and a sautéed bean medley - finished with a Shiraz jus and beer battered onion rings. $36

10” pizza with home made tomato roasted garlic sauce - topped with your choice of up to five of the following items: mushrooms, spinach, grilled chicken, baby shrimp, pineapple, smoked salmon, roasted Roma tomatoes, black olives, grilled sweet peppers, artichokes, goat cheese, pepperoni, fresh mozzarella, parmesan cheese, black oak ham. $19


Milk Chocolate Mousse
A light pastry cream mousse made with Swiss milk chocolate and served in a hippen leaf. $9

Coconut Parfait
Frozen coconut Malibu mousse wrapped in almond sponge cake and served with Crème Anglaise. $9

Dark Chocolate Cake
A moist chocolate brownie topped with a semi-liquid chocolate filled ganache - encased with a thin chocolate crust and served with Crème Anglaise. $9

Bermuda Rum Cake
A yellow pound cake, moistened with Bermuda Black Rum and Falernum syrup - served a la mode. $9

Peanut Butter Peaks
A moist brownie topped with a honey sweetened peanut butter mousse and covered with a thin chocolate crust. $9

A layered vanilla sponge cake, laced with Kahlua liqueur & coffee - filled with a mascarpone cheese mousse. $9

Assorted Ice Creams
Bailey’s locally made ice creams available in the following flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mint Chip & Rum Raisin. $6

Assorted Sherbets
Bailey’s locally made sherbets available in the following flavors: Lime and Raspberry $6

Espresso $2.50
Cappuccino $3.00
Café Latte $3.50