You simply won't find a resort whose owners are more passionate and commited to their operation than the Lamb family - who've owned and operated the Pompano Beach Club since 1956.

Tom Lamb, an American who had grown up in Waban, Massachusetts, fell in love with the island of Bermuda during several vacation trips in the early 1950's. He partnered with a Bermudian friend of his named Ewing Trott and started Bermuda's first fishing club - calling it the "Pompano Club" (after the popular fish which is often found on the shallow sand flats in front of where the resort stands today).

The Pompano Club opened in 1956 and operated much like a small fishing lodge. The Club's fishing boat would take guests deep sea fishing from their private dock and everyone would enjoy their freshly caught fish later that same day in the Club's small dining room (which was located where the Sunset Lounge sits today).

Mr. Lamb purchased the Club outright from his Bermudian partner in 1956, following the passage of the "Pompano Act" in the Bermuda Parliament, which paved the way for foreigners to own over 40% of a Bermudian business. Additional accommodation buildings were built in the late 1950's and early 1960's, enabling the Club to develop into a small hotel. The Club added "beach" to its name and became known as the "Pompano Beach Club". All of the accommodation buildings are named after local game fish as a tribute to the resort's fishing club heritage.

Pompano was managed by several different individuals during its first twenty-five years. In 1982, Aimee Lamb (Tom & Jean Lamb's daughter) and her soon-to-be husband, David Southworth, (1981 graduates of Cornell's Hotel School) took over the day-to-day management of the resort. They were joined in 1986 by the youngest of the Lamb's sons, Larry, upon his graduation from Michigan State's Hotel School.

Aimee and David eventually moved back to the Boston area in the fall of 1989 and were replaced by Tom Lamb III (the Lamb's oldest son), who took over the position of Managing Director. Tom is also a Cornell Hotel School graduate (class of 1980) and left his nine year management career with Marriott hotels to join his brother, Larry, and form a two person management team that is still in place today. Jean Lamb, the resort's Chairman of the Board, also plays a key role in the family business by overseeing the resort's Boston area sales office, having taken over this role upon the passing of her husband back in the early 1980's.

The Lambs have always focused on their guests, believing that they could be successful if they listened to and truly cared about their guests' experiences. Their "guest-comes-first philosophy" has enabled the Pompano Beach Club to become one of the island's most popular small resorts.