About Bermuda Weather

Bermuda has no rainy season as such and there is no normal month of excess rain. Showers may be heavy at times but the skies usually clear quickly. The weather does not often interfere with the enjoyment of outdoor sports and recreation. Summer temperatures prevail from May to mid-November, with the warmest weather in July, August and September.

The thermometer rarely rises above 85°F (29.5°C)- perfect for swimming and all water sports. There is nearly always a cool breeze at night and all accommodations have air-conditioners or ceiling fans. Spring-like temperatures give us cooler weather from mid-December to late March, with an average of 70°F (21.1°C). Very often the months of December and January are ideal conditions for scuba diving and golf. Changes of season, mid-November through December, and late March through April.

Either Spring or Summer weather may occur and visitors should be prepared for both.

Hurricanes are more of a legend than an experience. In the past ten years very few hurricanes passing have brought winds of hurricane force to Bermuda, although they do bring high winds

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Helpful Travel Hints

Language English is the official language of Bermuda.

Entry Requirements In order to enter Bermuda, a passport is required. If you are unsure of your documentation, please call 800-223-6106 in the U.S. or 416-923-9600 in Canada.

Time Difference Bermuda is one hour ahead of the U.S. Eastern Standard Time.

Currency Prior to July 31, 1972 Bermuda's currency was tied to the British Pound. Legal tender is now the Bermuda Dollar which is pegged to the US dollar on an equal 1 to 1 basis. This means that US currency is accepted at shops, restaurants and hotels at equal (face) value. Other foreign currencies are not accepted but may be exchanged at local banks at rates that are set daily.

Cash (U.S.) Accepted island-wide. Check Cashing Personal checks drawn on U.S. banks may be used for purchases at over 200 establishments. U.S. checks may be cashed at some hotels or local banks by arrangement. The Bermuda Financial Network will cash U.S. checks for a fee.

Credit Cards MasterCard, VISA and American Express are accepted at virtually every store, restaurant and hotel. VISA and MasterCards may be used for cash advances at all local bank branches. In addition, the Bank of Bermuda and the Bank of Butterfield provide ATM's located island-wide for MasterCard, VISA, Cirrus and Plus cash advances, most of which are available 24-hours a day. Visitors who need assistance with American Express should call the Bermuda Financial Network at (441) 292-1799.

Voltage The current in Bermuda is 110 volts (same as the U.S.).

Taxes & Tipping Bermuda has no sales tax, but a $20 departure tax is levied on everyone flying out of the island and is included in the price of your airline ticket. At most restaurants and bars, a 17% service charge is added to the bill. There's no need to tip hotel staff individually as most resorts assess a fixed gratuity on the final bill (feel free to tip individually if you wish, however, no one will be offended!!). Airport porters are usually tipped a few dollars and taxi drivers generally receive 10%-15%.

Hay Fever - Bermuda's climate is relatively favorable to hay fever sufferers. Rag-weed is non-existent, and pollens of other weeds are quickly blown out to sea.