Private Beach

This Bermuda beach resort has its own private beach, with plenty of chaise lounges, sand chairs and beach umbrellas for you to use on a complimentary basis. At low tide, you can wade out over 400 yards in knee to chest deep water, along the resort's spectacular sandbar. Watersports enthusiasts and people of all ages and swimming abilities are attracted to the waterfront because of how shallow and crystal clear it is.

Shallowness of the water combined with silky smooth white sand enables you to see fish swimming along the sandbar. It's always comforting when you can see what's in the water around you and when you can touch the sand below you. Bride's Magazine has called Pompano's waterfront "the best underwater beach in the world".

Put on your mask, fins and snorkel and explore the brilliant coral reefs which line the edge of the shallow sandbar. Grab a "noodle" or lilo (both are available for guests to use on a complimentary basis) and float effortlessly, while basking in the warm Bermuda sunshine. Meander along the shallow coastline, in knee deep water, and find a secluded cove along the shoreline to relax in. The choice is yours. One thing's for sure - you simply won't find a more picturesque waterfront in Bermuda or on a Caribbean beach vacation to explore!

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